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Ongoing Collection

Project Goal

Adding to

every dispatch 

an emotional silver lining, such as:
sweet items, children's drawings, crafts, and letters for the military!


In these difficult times, it is so important to know someone is there for you. That someone cares about you. Every soldier needs to feel our support and regard. That's why every sleep system to be sent out by us is accompanied with children's drawings, letters, small crafts and other things expressing your care.  
We constantly need such things! We send out hundreds of parcels and would love to have a piece of your heart reach out to everyone concerned. Just a couple of sincere words, a postcard made together with your kid, a handmade yellow and blue bracelet - this means so little and yet so much.

Parcels can be sent to us (at our expense) as follows:

Nova Poshta, branch No.64

Diana Ilnytska


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