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Material Supply

Project Goal

This project is intended to raise funds for high-quality T-shirts and other clothing that meets the required characteristics and requirements, to be supplied to the Land Forces units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine based on the requests from the Command. 

Interim Results

We have supplied over 4,500 T-shirts to the frontline, including:

- 600 T-shirts for the military unit А0501;

- 500 T-shirts for the military unit А4150;

- 105 T-shirts for the defenders of Kyiv from the military unit А0105;

- 1,900 T-shirts for the 44th separate artillery brigade named after Hetman Danylo Apostol;

- 1,000 T-shirts for the 57th brigade; and

- 400 T-shirts together with 350 pairs of socks were transferred to a military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine deployed in Donetsk Oblast.

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