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Nova Poshta


Riy has been assisting the Ground Forces of Ukraine from the very beginning of its operation. However, the first serious request was received from the Command in the summer of 2022.

That request evolved into the nationwide project Riy MSS - winter
sleep systems for the military.

Being a small and ambitious foundation making its first steps, we desperately needed the strong support of reliable partners. And Nova Poshta was there for us. The cooperation agreement was signed in the summer of 2022 allowing Riy to fully focus on the quality of the products for the military, while Nova Poshta handles the deliveries.

At the same time, this cooperation allowed us to cover more requests for the military due to not having to spend funds on the delivery.

The war is still ongoing. So, the number of requests keeps growing. Likewise, Riy is growing too and launching new projects, most of which require significant resources in terms of administration and logistics. Owing to the expanding support from Nova Poshta, the implementation of those projects becomes more effective. In July 2023, Nova Poshta also became our Foundation's logistics partner. The implementation of one of our projects called Camouflage for Soldiers dealing with military protection issues is so much more efficient due to the aforementioned agreement, which allows us to allocate funds to the needs of servicemen, while Nova Poshta takes care of the logistics costs.

We, the team of Riy, strongly believe we will endure in this fight by applying mutual efforts and supporting each other!

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