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Two years of being unbreakable

Nobody expected that the full-scale invasion would still be going on.

No one anticipated losing their loved ones.

No one thought they'd be living in uncertainty for years.

Along with all of this came an overwhelming exhaustion.

The soldier in the trench is worn out.

The volunteer is worn out.

The kids waiting at home for their parents are worn out.

The combat medic is worn out.

Civilians are worn out.

Everyone is tired.

But we believe that ahead of this profound exhaustion lies our GREAT VICTORY.

The soldier keeps fighting.

The volunteer completes their fundraising.

The kids understand they need to wait a bit longer.

The combat medic continues saving lives.

Civilians support each other, thereby strengthening the community.

We're going forward to the end, and nothing will stop us.

We're keeping up the fight.


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