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Why is Riy no longer recruiting craftswomen for the camouflage battalion?

It's been almost a year since we launched the "Camouflage for Soldiers" project. We call this project "people's project" because it involves more than 650 volunteers from all over Ukraine. The craftsmen spend several hours a day weaving camouflage gear for infantrymen, snipers and Special Forces.

Every day, more than 20 people contact our direct line with a request: "Can I weave camouflage at home?". We are sincerely grateful for your desire to help and be useful, to strengthen the army and to go this way together with us. However, the capacity of the "Camouflage for Soldiers" project does not allow us to hire more volunteers to weave camouflage. After all, more craftswomen means more materials. More materials means more bags, dyeing and sotal workshops, packaging, sewing colleges and even more shipments every day with Nova Poshta Humanitarian. Currently, we do not have the financial and human resources to do this. Therefore, we are NOT recruiting seamstresses for the Riy camouflage battalion.

But for those who want to help the military at home, we have an announcement:

We are looking for fundraisers to join our team to search for partners and accumulate funds. We are also looking for 2 dye shops to help us dye burlap and prepare materials for creating camouflage elements at home.

And remember, everyone is important in the victory.


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