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Raffle of the silk scarf from Gunia Project for a donation of 200 UAH!

If you want, call it a spring gift.

If you want, call it a manifestation of your love for "native strangers".

Or come up with your own name for this initiative, but today we call you to act decisively - donate to the needs of the 151st separate mechanized brigades and win a silk scarf with a Snake Soldier. Do you still understand this symbolism? Serpent fighter on a handkerchief / Strengthening the army to fight against the enemy.

The draw will last until 07.03.2024, so that the next day the silk handkerchief from Gunia Project will go to its owner! And remember, every 200 UAH participates, so the larger your donation increases your chances.

The proceeds will be used to equip a Mobile Shower and Laundry System for the soldiers of the 151st Brigade, which will be equipped and delivered by the Riy Charitable Foundation. A warm shower, clean and dry clothes and a feeling of being "at home" allow the soldiers to recover from difficult combat missions and be more effective in the fight ahead.

Let's take care of the basic needs and decent living conditions of our defenders together.

In any case, you will win, if not a gift, then a soldier's smile.


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