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Your impact on the help

Success doesn't just happen. We can't claim we meet all our foundation's financial needs—it's not the case!

Our team urgently requires assistance, as this month is crucial for the FOUNDATION’S SURVIVAL.

For two years, "Riy" has aimed to enact changes within the defense sector. Our achievements include developing critical supply products and fostering civil-military cooperation.

Concurrently, we're running three projects focused on life preservation, enhancing combat readiness, and ensuring decent conditions for military personnel at the front line:

✅ Deploying Mobile Shower and Laundry Systems for the army, producing two systems monthly and currently constructing 20 more at a major training center.

✅ Manually crafting about 500 individual camouflage units each month.

✅Launching the country's inaugural military sleeping system, setting a new standard for the Ministry of Defense's technical specifications. This year the improved sleeping bags are being produced based on these benchmarks

✅ We operate a 24\7 online community for military spouses, with 430 active members, supported by 13 devoted staff and a wide volunteer network.

To keep our vital services running, we require at least 400,000 UAH each month for essentials like rent, taxes, salaries, and software. Facing financial crises, we urgently need your support:

1️⃣ Seeking 15 companies to sponsor at least one employee monthly. Please contact 

2️⃣ Encouraging 100 individuals to commit to a regular donation of 500 or 1000 UAH for stable support.

3️⃣ Every donation counts. Contribute what you can today.

Our expertise, gained through military engagement and projects with the Land Forces Command and Ministry of Defense, encompasses aiding in identifying niches to enhance national defense, fostering military collaboration, efficiently allocating resources, offering insightful feedback, and addressing articulated needs by leveraging inventory directly from the Armed Forces' warehouses in a "company-unit" interaction.

Volunteers bridge the gap between civilian and military realms.

Help us strengthen this vital bridge!


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