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The power of strategic resilience

Project Goal

Organize stable amplification

of the 228th separate logistics battalion

with the necessary means to perform its tasks promptly. To improve the efficiency of military logisticians, who are responsible for the strategic supply of vital cargo to long sections of the frontline. 

The battalion's mission

The 228th Separate Logistics Battalion is a specialized unit within the Ukrainian Army. The results of its work directly affect the effectiveness of offensive and defensive operations in the most important areas of the frontline.

The battalion's daily task is to provide strategic support to combat brigades:

  • Supplying fuel, ammunition, food and logistics;

  • Evacuation and repair of military special equipment and armored vehicles;

  • Construction of facilities of strategic importance.

The unit was modeled after the corresponding NATO units and has already gained a strong in-house experience.

How do we realize this?

The Foundation works closely with the unit's civil-military cooperation service. Riy receives information about the critical needs of the logistics battalion and responds promptly to requests, launching fundraisers and purchasing the necessary supplies.
He shares his expertise in fundraising, communications, project management, recruiting, and leadership with the military. This accelerates the development of the strategic logistics support system and stimulates organizational changes in the battalion.

Strategic needs of the project

Everyone can have a positive impact on the effectiveness of military logistics by providing for its logistical needs.


Equipment for the transportation of fuel, ammunition, and food (tilt trucks, pickups, refrigerators, fuel trucks)


Construction materials for the construction of strategic facilities


Specialized vehicles for evacuating damaged equipment from the battlefield (tractors, trawls, tow trucks)


Means for organizing the life of military personnel


Means for repairing and restoring military equipment (cranes, lifts, generators, equipment, tools, etc.)

The list of needs was compiled by the Riy Foundation on the basis of the Battalion's Strategic Logistics Development and Optimization Program. The unit's leadership has carefully analyzed the challenges of modern warfare and studied the needs of each service for equipment and materials. Based on this, the impact of potentially raised funds on the performance of the 228th separate logistics battalion was modeled. 

Current donation collections

Strategic fundraising for reinforcements



Fundraising for a tractor with a trawl with a carrying capacity of 30 tons.


Fundraising for logistical support of the battalion

How to help the project?

1. Send a donation to cover the needs of the battalion

2. Organize your own fundraising

3. Join the project's volunteer team (we need logisticians, engineers, fundraisers, etc.)

4. Subscribe to the battalion's social media:

and help spread the word about the unit's needs and activities

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