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Stronger than Arms

Project suspended

Stronger than Arms is a project that was announced by Riy in 2022. We launched it having in mind the well-being of military servicewomen who have no fear of mud, cold and the enemy ahead. The women who have joined men to defend freedom and independence for each of us. Women who need to be taken care of. Because nothing like the war makes their hands and faces weather-beaten and their hair dirty, and they get their period regardless of artillery attacks.

During this time, we have managed to collaborate with some really cool manufacturers and deliver hygiene packages to some military servicewomen to cover their basic needs. 

We thank everyone involved for their support: manufacturers, entrepreneurs and benefactors. We have accomplished all of this together with you and owing to you!

The project is currently suspended to prepare for launching a larger one based on it. We are talking about a project for rehabilitation of servicewomen in cosmetology facilities.

So, anyone willing to contribute to development of this project is very welcome to join our efforts! 

Project Goal

Stronger than Arms is about supporting military servicewomen, preserving their health, power and beauty. After all, tens of thousands of women defend the country alongside men. In the environment designed entirely for men.


What do we propose?

To begin with, we will be assembling packages with personal hygiene products effective in field conditions and cosmetics intended to preserve health and beauty.

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