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I made a donation and would like to make sure you actually received the money. How I can check this?


Thank you for your donation. Any financial contribution to our foundation, including yours, can be tracked in the Open Report table.

In addition, we publish a financial statement of income on social media every month.

Which of your projects is of top priority right now?


At the moment, we put the most of our efforts into the project called Sleep System for the Military, since we are convinced that quality sleep is about a soldier's health.
For that reason we engaged a group of experts who have developed a sleep system consisting of a military sleeping bag, a waterproof (sleeping bag) cover and a mat that  conform to the NATO technical requirements.

​I am in the military. How can I get your sleep system?


​You need to fill in a request form on our website (please note the request form is in Ukrainian).

Please also note that we only work on the basis of official requests and transfer and acceptance acts signed and sealed by the command of your military unit.
Upon filling in the form, you are put on the waiting list. Sleep systems are handed out subject to priority criteria, i.e. the military located in 'hot spots' compelled to sleeping in the open field conditions will be served on a priority basis.

I am a military servicewoman. I know you sent hygiene packages to servicewomen of another unit. Can I also get one?


Hygiene packages for military servicewomen were provided in terms of our project called Stronger than Arms.

However, this project is presently suspended. 

How can I make a donation if I'm abroad?


We've got PayPal and USD/EUR bank accounts. 

If requested, we can provide an official confirmation of receiving financial assistance from you.

Who does Riy provide assistance to?


We provide assistance to the units of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 
The official request(s) should be filed to us by the military units' command.

How to unsubscribe from recurring donation?


In case you are not a PrivatBank customer, please contact our Foundation's support service at to request the cancellation of your subscription. Please include your ID, the amount and date of the subscription, and a screenshot of your payment (if possible). 

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