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RIY-13, RIY-14, RIY-15, RIY-16 are manufactured in a new configuration!

These mobile baths have been transferred to the Soledar military unit, the 3rd assault brigade, the 228th logistics battalion and this week to the 63rd brigade. Five container trailers have been purchased.

Let's unite to make the army stronger! With these words, companies, friends, schools and businesses have been collecting donations for mobile bath and laundry complexes during the winter months!

In two months, more than 2000 (‼️) Ukrainians donated, as well as:

  1. An elegant clothing brand - UAH 90,000.

  2. A separate collection with a large number of benefactors who supported Ruslan Kolishenko - UAH 591,300 .

  3. Powerful communication from our friend Ruslana and a fundraising of UAH 460,000

  4. Partner communication with Khatbania - UAH 27700.

  5. A large charity fundraiser with Fishka points for UAH 1,380,000 has been completed.

  6. The Parish of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, UGCC, Melrose Park, with the assistance of the Metropolitan Humanitarian Fund - UAH 444,000.

  7. The Parish of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, UGCC, Pirogovo - UAH 400,000, including KIILTO.

  8. Teplyk Primary Care Center - UAH 10,000.

This is an incredible result that we have done together!

We are working. We are strengthening. We do not stop!


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