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STRATEGIC FUNDRAISING: UAH 1,500,000 for a truck to transport ammunition

We all see that 2024 will be a difficult year. That's why Riy becomes a foundation partner of the 228th separate logistics battalion and announces the first collection of UAH 1,500,000.

The funds raised will be used to pay for trucks transporting ammunition for defense in the Avdiivka sector. Now there is a fierce struggle for life and trucks are a way to survive!


  • Join in with a donation;

  • Open your own collection for a specific amount of money;

  • Spread the word in all possible communication channels (groups, channels, friends);

Convert all your anger, hatred or despair here:

A special account in "Riy" has been opened for the collection of the 228th Logistics Battalion.




ЄДРПОУ 44855404

Purpose: Voluntary donation to the battalion

For a quick donation, click the Riy Monobank button:


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